The Family Advisory Committee (FAC) works in collaboration to promote change and recovery, enhancement of quality of life at all levels of care through the voices of families. 


Enhancing quality of life for people affected by mental illness and addictions where family in an integral part of all levels of care. 


The FAC is comprised of family members that are representative of the perspective and concerns of families who has a loved one with mental illness. Our role is to provide a stakeholder voice to the AMHN.


The purpose of the FAC is to address specific issues that directly affect caregivers for someone who has mental illness and/or addiction issues as well as and those persons whose condition of severe mental illness/addiction misuse precludes them from adequately representing their own interests.

Members of the FAC will provide consultation, support, guidance, and may make recommendations in regards to system issues as they impact upon all aspect of services. 


  • Members of the FAC will become knowledgeable of the range of mental health services and relevant issues provided in the Champlain Region.

  • Respond to key issue areas and address work identified by the AMHN Steering Council.

  • Make recommendations to the AMHN Council regarding the mental health services and gaps in the system in the Champlain Region.

  • Family group members will endeavor to enhance the lines of communication and encourage an open dialogue with all the relevant AMHN members.


The FAC is accountable to the AMHN through representation on AMHN Steering Council.  Minutes of FAC meetings will be recorded and distributed to members. The representatives at the AMHN Steering Council and at AMHN work groups will be responsible for communicating information on the activities of the FAC and for gathering any necessary feedback and/or additional suggestions.