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National Guidelines for a Comprehensive Service System to support Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Health Problems and Issues   Mental Health Commission of Canada 

Acronyms   A list of over 150 commonly used short forms in the local Mental Health and Addictions system.   For example,  AMHNC is Addictions & Mental Health Network of Champlain.

Health Information Sheet   This document can be used by people who are coming to the emergency department for mental health and /or substance use reasons.  It can be completed beforehand, or clients and families can complete it in the Emergency Room.  It is not intended to replace a crisis plan, or a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). Its a way to briefly share key information with hospital staff. 

Leaving Emergency Checklist This document was created to support hospitals, clients and families to use during the discharge process from emergency.  Specifically, it’s intended to guide people who have come to emergency departments in Champlain for reasons of mental health issues and/or substance use, and it may help to inform hospital emergencies in their discharge planning process.  

Crisis Plan A number of questions to help develop a crisis plan for individuals with mental health and /or substance use issues and inform their supporters.

Wellness Plan This document can be used by people  with complex needs in addition to mental health and substance use issues.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Health Information Sheet -French

Leaving Emergency Checklist -French

Client and Family Consultation Report